Meet Robert Schwartz

Candidate State Senate - District 6




As a product of the inner city of Chicago, I spent my early life experiencing the challenges of low income communities. I learned about work ethic from my teenage single mother. Although she qualified for every kind of assistance there is she took none of it. She taught me about humility, perserverance, and most of all kindness. 

My political activism started at age four and is one of my earliest memories. My kindergarten class would march down Grand Ave in Chicago with signs and singing "We Shall Overcome." It was 1970 and Martin Luther King had died just 2 years prior. Racial tensions were high back then but nobody messed with little kids. I also remember at 6 years old helping out with the breakfast program for kids that was run by the Black Panthers. These memories and my Mother's dedication to self-reliance shaped the values that stuck with me as I entered early adulthood.

In 1985, after high school I moved to Oregon where I worked in Eugene's Saturday market at the Nice Rice food cart. In 1986 I moved back to Chicago and started working with ACORN. At that time ACORN worked to end redlining by banks and insurance companies. ACORN also lobbied for stop signs at high traffic intersections near schools and did voter registration which is how I got to know David Axelrod. We were both working on Harold Washington's mayoral campaign. I also got a chance to meet Barack Obama in the early 90's, working on asbestos and lead paint problems in Chicago's poor and minority neighborhoods.

In 1990 I developed a recycling program to serve high-population, low-income areas. That program was so successful the Department of Streets and Sanitation adopted its methods for the entire city. That experience led me to meet and work with Helen Schiller who, regardless of how you might feel about her politics, has the most integrity and compassion of any politician I have ever known. 

Later in the 90's I helped organize education programs in low income areas about crack cocaine by matching schools in need with retired law enforcement officers who would give educational presentations. I worked on various political campaigns the highlight of which was helping elect Larry McKeon, the first Illinois openly gay & HIV-positive house member, helped various community organizations that worked with poor and minority communities. I am especially proud of my work in the 90's with CENTRO SIN FRONTERAS.

After I moved to Oregon, which was easily the best decision of my life, I started teaching ballroom dance. As a dancer I have had the chance to actively serve our community. Countless performances at retirement homes, teaching dance class for seniors at Willamette Lane and Lane Community College and performing to raise money for: 

The Angel Hair Foundation (cancer)

Bridgeway (autism)

Oregon Mozart Players 

HIV Alliance 

Greenhill (pets needing a home)

I have also taught Church and veterans partner dance classes which was tons of fun and some of those guys needed the dance lessons BAD. 

I also ran for office 2 years ago against John Lively and I hope you get a chance to read about it. We ended up friends and we even worked on legislation together. 

Why I am a Republican

I registered as a Republican in 2015 in spite of the fact that I agree with most of what progressives stand for. The reasons are:

1. I got to know the hunters and gun owners of my community, my favorite one helps raise my kids. That's you Curtis :).

2. I noticed massive problems with opioid addiction as the Oregon "Progressives" took thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies. My Grandmother, who was a Methodist Preacher and a front line fighter for woman and minority rights, would be beyond horrified. She was the first woman EVER to graduate from Boston University in the theology department. Just saying...

3. I have seen the impact of the mismanagement of Oregon's health care dollars.

4. Most of all I have come to realize that local control is the best way to educate our children and care for our underserved population.

In Closing...

I am eager to bring prosperity and well-being to Oregon and I am willing to serve and do what is best for Oregonians. History shows us that some politicians are so addicted to power that they will threaten, try to frighten, lie and say anything and prevent people from voting based on facts. Politics based on party affiliation and buying elections is shameful and MUST end.  

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