a few of the stands on issues I am most proud of.

Senators rarely, if ever, make a significant difference on the bigger issues of the day. Most spend their time getting money for pet projects in there state. I'd love that job, in addition I noticed some legislative and policy low hanging fruit and would straighten those things out right away.


Healthy forests means jobs and prosperity for rural Oregon along with funding for rural schools..

People say there is a climate change emergency yet environmentalists seem to hate the very people who could most effect carbon capture. The reason is either because big city democrats hate rural people (who vote R) and ignore the facts about Oregon logging or because their confused about basic biology and science. For any under-educated people out there I will unpack this for you. 

Forest fires release carbon and other pollutants.

Growing healthy forests capture carbon. 

The following facts are undisputed by people who understand modern logging techniques.

1. Logging improves the health of forests as dead and diseased trees are harvested and used.

2. Modern logging allows trees to easily get all the nutrients they need to absorb the maximum amount of carbon and give the maximum amount of oxygen.

3. When it comes to consumer goods wood is healthy and plastic is often toxic and the environmentalists last choice you would hope.

4. With modern logging the ground gets to flourish with a more diverse ecosystem.

5. Most important GREATLY REDUCES FOREST FIRES. You need mental assistance if you would rather see a forest burn and cause massive pollution then get logged and provide jobs and materials.

If you read this and still want to prevent healthy forests you should work on your mental disability that prevents you from understanding basic science. Do us all a favor and please enroll in a remedial thinking class.   


Firearm Safety

The League of Women Voters asked my position on firearm legislation. This is my answer to them.


It would be very difficult for me to talk about any gun legislation until what used to be called "hunter education classes" were reintroduced to public school. This Coronavirus situation has shown us just how fragile society is and how now more then ever  illustrates the need to teach people to handle guns. There are now, due to panic gun buying, thousands of untrained people handling guns for the first time and unable to take a class social distancing. 

The following true story illustrates the damage that groups like League of Women Voters can do when they value rigid ideology over  responsible risk reduction. 

In 2018 I ran against Senator Lee Beyer. After the election he told me if there was anything reasonable he could do for me he would "see what he could do." I reached out to Derek LeBlanc, founder of the Kids Safe Foundation, who is a nationally respected firearm rights advocate who happens to be one of Oregon's best and brightest hoping to get some ideas for good legislation that could pass in Portland dominated Oregon. He came up with a perfect idea that would satisfy both the 2A advocates and the people who let knee jerk reactions control their thinking.... Or so I thought.

Bill SB 801 was the legislative concept of Derek and Senator Beyer introduced the bill on my behalf. Its purpose was to teach 1st graders "stop" "don't touch" "run" "tell an adult" if they saw an unsecured firearm. I believe it was a good way to begin to reintroduce what use to be called hunter safety class and I thought it was a good way for the left to show they valued education over confiscation. I didn't realize how rigid ideology had overtaken some liberal groups. Cease fire Oregon came out publicly against it and even sent a director to testify against it. The League of women voters also testified against it siting a study that said in the summary on the front page the programs were necessary. When called on the obvious lie the woman representing the League of Women Voters said " of course we only use the words in the study that help us." 

The bill didn't pass and Portland politicians, Cease fire Oregon and the League of Women voters would rather take the irresponsible "education is bad" position then pass educational programs advocated by firearm safety experts. 



Food stamps is government stupidity at its most invincible

I will demand the food stamp program to improve health benefits and change its name to health benefit program.

I believe the federal food stamp program supported by Stanford educated Sen Merkley has been complicit in the explosion in food related illness: obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease and various joint and bone conditions.

They have been complicit by allowing the definition of food to include soda, snack cakes and many other items that no serious nutritionist would consider as foodly item but at least we know they are completely divorced from reality and have a total disregard for what a normal person would consider nutrition.

I personally find it hard to believe the government bureaucracy in charge of reducing food insecurity could be so breathtakingly stupid and/or cruel. At the end of the day though the responsibility lays with congress who funds the program and gives a version of oversight that only a brain dead person or a Stanford educated senator (that’s you Jeff) would consider a serious inspection of a deeply flawed program that has wasted its potential to greatly enhance the health and wellness of a population that desperately needs assistance and craves better health and increased self-reliance.

My suggestion is that you would make the following items available to purchase: raw grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables, 100% fruit and vegetable juice nut butters (peanut, almond ect) dried and canned beans and peas, whole grain and sprouted grain breads along with any food prepared or raw offered by locals at a local farmers market. The billions in food and health care costs will be nice but those benefits would pale in comparison to the amazing mental and physical health transformations the families would realize. 

The lower income children, often minorities in democratic ruled cities, would see the greatest benefit in health and behavior. I expect the Democrats to thank me for assisting their subjects and sincerely hope they learn to show love for their neighbor through good nutrition to all people regardless of race, gender(s) or income status.

This race is between:

Jeff Merkley - literally impotent when faced with the challenge of understanding basic nutrition.

Robert Schwartz - knows what food is.


OREGON'S climate solution

Climate Change policy should be pro carbon sequestration and anti-cap and trade


I see some real possibilities of expanding the Republican voting base and If I win the primary you will see them in action. 

But first, with Cap and Trade there are 4 major camps, 1 anti-cap and Trade and 3 pro-cap and trade.

The anti-cap and trade are you guys and most of rural Oregon, your argument that is most heard by the general public is cap and trade won’t do anything substantial to reduce worldwide the carbon and is only a money grab by Democrat politicians and the public unions that own them. What people hear our side say is “I don’t care if we increase global warming, I just want my job.”  This is a communication problem whose primary responsibility lays with ineffective communication which I can fix given a big enough platform.

The Three major players in support of crap and trade are:

1. Public unions and the Democrat politicians the seem to own. These Democrats know better but are to cowardly to stand up to their public union masters.

2. The conservationists who just want the forest to be untouched and would rather see it go up in a fire with carbon-based smoke then allow for fire preventing modern logging techniques.

3. The people who honestly believe cap and trade will help save the environment for future generations. 

Groups 2 and 3 are aligned right now but shouldn’t be because they fundamentally are at odds.

Although Cap and Trade might have a minor effect it would pale in comparison to what modern logging techniques could do to sequester carbon. In addition, it is an undisputed fact that plastic manufacturing is the major cause of carbon increases. Things do have to be made of something though so we could make the argument, and it is scientifically accurate, that modern logging along with careful replanting to maximize carbon sequestration and wood products taking the place of plastic products whenever possible would go far more to erase our carbon footprint then a counter productive and stupid cap and trade program. 


For us this means a careful introspection of how issues are presented and it means accepting people into the anti-cap and trade family who have said horrible things about you, tried to take food out of your kids mouths and mocked you behind your back for your whole lives, but this a time to speak to them with compassion. It’s not progressive and young people’s fault that the democrat machine and their partners the public unions and the “Gossip team” news (what President Trump calls fake news) sold them lies to scare them. It is my desire the public is explained the truth in a way that they can honestly hear you, not yell slogans or divisive other issues. You need to decide if you could accept them into the anti-cap and trade movement and if I am the right messenger to increase pro carbon sequestration and anti-cap and trade base of support. Politics is a game of addition and we need to win some statewide elections. 

If we don’t get this right people in 50 years from now are going to ask “how on earth did Democrats let cap and trade become a policy, its literally as stupid as the Jim Crow laws” Vote proud republican Robert Schwartz and save the democrats from themselves. They need it.