Oregon is run by one political party. how are they doing?

Health Care 20th

  • US News and World Report ranks Oregon #20 in Health Care. Our amazing providers #8 make up for our very poor rankings in Public Health and Health Care access. Click here for the report.

Jobs 21st

  • US News and World Report ranks Oregon #21 in jobs. The booming industries in Portland help overcome poor unemployment and labor force participation rates. Click for the report

Opportunity 32nd

  • US News and World Report ranks Oregon #32 for opportunity. Although we did well for racial and gender equality we are in the bottom 10 for affordability. Click for report.

Schools 33nd

  • According to U.S. News and World Report Oregon is #33 in Education. With the wonderful teachers and family support here we should be doing better. There is no reason why we cant be #1. Click for report.

State Government 39th

  • US News and World Report ranks Oregon #39 in long term fiscal stability. We are #15 for credit rating but we scrape the bottom for pension funding. Click for report.

Infrastructure 3rd!!!

  • WE GOT ONE CLOSE!!!!! OREGON IS #3. It mostly has to do with using clean energy and Portland's top-notch mass transit. Click here. Let's bring some of that know-how to education.