About Representative Lively

Always prompt

Every time I was in Salem for a vote he was the first person to get to the floor. Most everyone else just showed up 10-20 minutes after. 

Hardest working Democrat in Salem

Sometimes I would visit Salem to see  

Representative Lively. His staff consisted of two people on the phone speaking with citizens. Some offices had one person, most were vacant. 

Dedicated to helping constituents

 A month or so before the election of 2016 we were having a meeting and he could tell that I was upset. He asked why and although it was a painful personal problem I shared my story him. His response was amazing, click the link below to read the full story. 

I pledge to follow Representative Lively's Example

We don't agree on every issue but if elected I will follow his example of working for the people of his district instead of working toward personal political gain. I willo respect the office by having a dedicated professional staff. I will respect my colleagues by always being prompt. 

I am so blessed to know him and have him as my representative.