About My Opponents

State Rep. John Lively

I ran in 2016 against Representative Lively. Here are some things you should know about my Democratic opponent of that race.

State Senator Lee Beyer

I am presently running against Lee Beyer. I support most of what he advocates on his website but we need fresh thinking and strong commitment to keeping money out of politics. If you replace the phrase "We need it invist in ..." with "We need to audit.." I would agree with the whole thing. I believe an audit well hold the government accountable for all the mismanagement and wasted money. But most of all we need someone to stand up to special interests who give large amounts of money to influence legislators. I believe accepting money, i.e. lobbying, from many of these corporations is just flat out wrong. Click here to see Lee Beyer contributors.

Contributions and not recorded until you raise or spend $3500. I have chosen to knock on doors instead of raise money from lobbyists so you might not see anything past 2016 when I ran against John Lively.

Robert's contributors.