Sadly portland polticians are insane

Firearm education verse confiscation


In 2018 I ran against Senator Lee Beyer. After the election he told me if there was anything reasonable he could do for me he would "see what he could do."

I reached out to Derek LeBlanc, founder of the Kids Safe Foundation, who is a nationally respected firearm rights advocate who happens to be one of Oregon's best and brightest hoping to get some ideas for good legislation that could pass in Portland dominated Oregon. He came up with a perfect idea that would satisfy both the 2A advocates and the people who let knee jerk reactions control their thinking.... Or so I thought.

Bill SB 801 was the legislative concept of Derek. Its purpose was to teach 1st graders "stop" "don't touch" "run" "tell an adult" if they saw an unsecured firearm. For me it was a good way to begin to reintroduce what use to be called hunter safety class and I thought it was a good way for the left to show they valued education over confiscation. I didn't realize how cruel and vicious the Portland left was. Cease fire Oregon came out publicly against it and even sent a director to testify against it and called me the most dangerous man in Oregon. The League of women voters also testified against it saying that children were to stupid to follow those directions and sited a study from New Jersey. I have seen Jersey shore and maybe they are to stupid over there but Oregon kids are good smart kids and the League of Women Voters should have known the difference.

The bill didn't pass and Portland politicians, Cease fire Oregon and the League of Women voters would rather let children shoot themselves in the face then pass educational programs advocated by firearm advocates to teach kids to not handle guns. 

Portland liberals are literally insane.