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White Privilege


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  • As you know, political web sites and the voters pamphlet are poll tested generalized statements that is wishful thinking at best. I used the voters pamphlet more as a letter to the people. In it I said I would share some of the things I learned from doors I knocked on. 

the 6 most intresting doors

Voters Pamphlet

  • Me: my name is.......I'll ask for your vote.
  • Door: I dont vote.
  • Me: Why not?
  • Door: Cause I might get colon cancer.
  • Me: I am not sure I understand.
  • Door: The stuff I read in the voters pamphlet make me feel like you people are blowing smoke up my ...(behind)


  • Me:...I'll ask for your vote
  • Door: I am pro-choice, how do you feel about abortion?
  • Me: Sometimes bad things happen. Women need to be able to safely take care of themselves and I understand that. That being said I'll tell you what I tell my kids. "A pro-choice man is a bad choice, he is only looking to divest himself of the consequences of his actions"
  • Door: Honey, get the kids, they need to hear this guy.

IP 43 & IP 44 (Gun Confiscation)

  • Me: ...I'll ask for your vote
  • Door: How do you feel about IP43 and IP 44? I am in law enforcement by the way.
  • Me: You know more about it then me. You tell me how should I feel.
  • Door: You should be against it
  • Me: Why's that? (I was suprised)
  • Me: I'll let Kate Brown know how you feel if I run into her.

Gun Control

  • Me:...I'll ask for your vote.
  • Door: How do you feel about gun control?
  • Me: I would love to see gun safety classes offered in school again. It used to be called hunter safety class. I believe trigger discipline through education is the most effective gun control. Trigger discipline also just happens be the best solution to unwanted pregnancies.
  • Door: Trigger discipline as birth control? OH, I GET IT!! HAHAHAHA (blushing)

Cyber Security

  • Me:... I'll as for your vote.
  • Door: What would you do to make sure the elections don't get hacked?
  • Me: I will build a wall, a terrific wall, the besty wall of all time, and it will be a warm wall, no a hot wall, in fact I will call it a FIREWALL.
  • Door: You crack me up!

Springfield Round-A-Bouts (Traffic Control)

  • Me:...I'll as for your vote.
  • Door: How do you feel about the new round-a-bouts in Springfield?
  • Me: We love them. Sometimes I just pack the family up and we drive around in circles all day.
  • Door: I love them too! I'll do a lucky tap dance to help you win. (Starts doing a tap dance)
  • 2nd person at door: Sorry, he didn't take his medicine today.
  • Me: I can't lose with support like that!!!

Meet Robert

Candidate for State Senate - District 6

  • You will read about my progressive roots and why I am a Republican now.


  • I looked at the previous voters guide and these issues are important to politicians. Lets see how they did.

My Opponents

  • I ran in 2016 against John Lively. Although we don't see eye to eye on some issues, I love the guy and you would too.