Robert Schwartz
For State Senate
6th District

  • Running to make the prefrontal cortex relevant.
  • Help me end the cycle of crazy in Salem
  • Asking Salem to act normal.

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Why I am a progressive independant

Womens Health


  • The homeless problem around here is tragic and only getting bigger. Although rent control sounds good it will only prevent housing from being built. Devolopers wont build if they cant charge fair market rate for their houses or apartments. A normal person would encourage an increase the urban growth boundry and relax standards for emergancy or starter housing. More housing would be built and that combined with relaxed standards would make housing affordable. 

Oregon Trail Card (food stamps)

  • While running for office I learned something that is harmless on the surface but maybe the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Google it if you dont believe me. DHS calls the office where you apply for your food stamps "DHS Self-Sufficiency office". Food stamps, although necessary of some people, are the opposite of self-sufficiency. I have nightmares about one of my kids walking up to me food stamps proudly in hand saying "Look Dad, I am self sufficient!" 

Health Care


  • CBD's are the most underutilized medicine in american history. Every serious researcher agrees that they are exceptional at pain relief (anti-inflammation), anti-seizure, anti-anxiety, fights tumors (cervical cancer), fights diabetes. CBD's are a direct threat to big Pharma profits which is why to state government doesn't go out of its way to support them. The excuse that CBD's are from marijuana is B.S. the best CBD's are from pine tree bark. Lets stand up to big Pharma, create Oregon jobs, and become the world leader in the manufacture and production of this valuable resource.


Vote Robert Schwartz


  • As you know, political web sites and the voters pamphlet are poll tested generalized statements that is wishful thinking at best. I used the voters pamphlet more as a letter to the people of the 6th senate district. In it I said I would share some of the things I learned from doors I knocked on. 

the 6 most intresting doors

Voters Pamphlet

  • Me: my name is.......I'll ask for your vote.
  • Door: I dont vote.
  • Me: Why not?
  • Door: Cause I might get colon cancer.
  • Me: I am not sure I understand.
  • Door: The stuff I read in the voters pamphlet make me feel like you people are blowing smoke up my ...(behind)


  • Me:...I'll ask for your vote
  • Door: I am pro-choice, how do you feel about abortion?
  • Me: Sometimes bad things happen. Women need to be able to safely take care of themselves and I understand that. That being said I'll tell you what I tell my kids. "A pro-choice man is a bad choice, he is only looking to divest himself of the consequences of his actions"
  • Door: Honey, get the kids, they need to hear this guy.

IP 43 & IP 44 (Gun Confiscation)

  • Me: ...I'll ask for your vote
  • Door: How do you feel about IP43 and IP 44? I am in law enforcement by the way.
  • Me: You know more about it then me. You tell me how should I feel.
  • Door: You should be against it
  • Me: Why's that? (I was suprised)
  • Me: I'll let Kate Brown know how you feel if I run into her.

Gun Control

  • Me:...I'll ask for your vote.
  • Door: How do you feel about gun control?
  • Me: I would love to see gun safety classes offered in school again. It used to be called hunter safety class. I believe trigger discipline through education is the most effective gun control. Trigger discipline also just happens be the best solution to unwanted pregnancies.
  • Door: Trigger discipline as birth control? OH, I GET IT!! HAHAHAHA (blushing)

Cyber Security

  • Me:... I'll as for your vote.
  • Door: What would you do to make sure the elections don't get hacked?
  • Me: I will build a wall, a terrific wall, the besty wall of all time, and it will be a warm wall, no a hot wall, in fact I will call it a FIREWALL.
  • Door: You crack me up!

Springfield Round-A-Bouts (Traffic Control)

  • Me:...I'll as for your vote.
  • Door: How do you feel about the new round-a-bouts in Springfield?
  • Me: We love them. Sometimes I just pack the family up and we drive around in circles all day.
  • Door: I love them too! I'll do a lucky tap dance to help you win. (Starts doing a tap dance)
  • 2nd person at door: Sorry, he didn't take his medicine today.
  • Me: I can't lose with support like that!!!

Meet Robert

Candidate for State Senate - District 6

  • You will read about my progressive roots and why I am a Republican now.

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  • I looked at the previous voters guide and these issues are important to politicians. Lets see how they did.


My Opponents

  • I ran in 2016 against John Lively. Although we don't see eye to eye on some issues, I love the guy and you would too.

My Opponents