Schwartz for U.S. Senate Oregon's proud republican

Schwartz for U.S. Senate Oregon's proud republican

Schwartz for U.S. Senate Oregon's proud republicanSchwartz for U.S. Senate Oregon's proud republicanSchwartz for U.S. Senate Oregon's proud republican

  • Retire Jeff Merkley, woke ideology has no place in Oregon besides small parts of Portland and Eugene.

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  • Typical political web sites, Facebookery, and the vaguely written Oregon voters pamphlet are poll tested virtue signaling garbage that is for the weak minded who crave the confirmation bias of mostly stupid partisan ideas. Everyone knows it but somehow people put up with it.
  • Below are some interactions I have had with voters as I knock on doors to introduce myself. You'll get a good idea of who I am from reading them.

the 6 most intresting doors

Voters Pamphlet

  • Me: my name is.......I'll ask for your vote.
  • Door: I dont vote.
  • Me: Why not?
  • Door: Cause I might get colon cancer.
  • Me: I am not sure I understand.
  • Door: The stuff I read in the voters pamphlet make me feel like you people are blowing smoke up my ...(behind)

Health Care

  • Me:...I'll ask for your vote
  • Door: Whats your health care policy?
  • Me: I wont be in charge of Americas health care but I can work to stop lifestyle choice diseases. With positive dietary education starting at a young age and constantly reinforced we could chip away at diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.
  • Door: Save money and lives?
  • Me: I hope so

Food Stamps

  • Me: And I will fight to stop hungry people from using food stamps to buy unhealthy food, starting with no food stamps for soda. 
  • Door: First of all I support only Democrats, in addition don't you know sugar is babies first food. 
  • Me: Did you just compare a lactating woman to a soda fountain?  
  • Door: SLAM


  • Me: And I had gun legislation introduced SB801 which would have had a 30 min firearm safety program for 1st graders. “stop” “don’t touch” “run” “tell an adult” if they ran across an unsecured firearm. 
  • Door: Finally, gun legislation which would make a real difference
  • Me: Well, it didn't pass, The league of Women Voters and Cease Fire Oregon had it killed because they thought it was too radical.
  • Door: They are pathetic.
  • Me: I noticed that too.


  • Me:... I'll ask for your vote.
  • Door: How do you feel about global warming?
  • Me: It seems like democrats are pretend afraid of it. If they were serious they would introduce legislation to ration plastic, meat, rubber, and gas. Ask people to plant victory gardens along with recycle and reuse everything. Like WWII
  • Door: That seems like would be difficult.
  • Me: The generation that did it didn't seem to be adversely affected in any serious way
  • Door: Yea, grandpa was cool.


  • Me:...I'll ask for your vote.
  • Door: what are you going to do about homelessness?
  • Me: I trust the Eugene mission more then state of Oregon to handle it. Governor Brown sees federal dollars per homeless person so she can grow bureaucracies while the Mission staff sees Jesus when they see a homeless person.
  • Door: We should stand with Jesus on this one.
  • Talking to people like you is the highlight of my campaign.