Schwartz for U.S. Senate Oregon's proud republican

I believe political victories only matter when jobs, dignity, and self-respect are provided to Oregon residents. 

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COVID-19 and government policy

Which candidate has policies that would have helped with this pandemic?

These were written before the Coronavirus problem became the major issue of most peoples lifetime.

Look at issue page for details!

  • Health Care - An Oregon senator doesn't have much say over the future of health care but with minor changes to the food stamp program we could save billions in health care costs and more importantly give our most vulnerable the blessing of good health. 
  • Homeless - The homeless provide the states federal money which creates an incentive for restrictive housing regulation and land use laws. My plan is to allow municipalities (Portland and Eugene) pay for the homeless problem they created with cruel no growth land use policies. That will motivate them to action. The federal government isn't the solution to homelessness, a caring community is the solution.
  • Firearms - I am pro education and will work every day to create an environment where hunter safety classes are taught in as many schools as possible. I am against terrifying children with "Active Shooter Drills"
  • Environment -  It would be relatively easy to turn the forests into carbon vacuums that could counter the damage that China has caused with stupid manufacturing policies. Cap and trade caps Oregon manufacturing and trades those jobs to China. My Oregon Climate Solution plan saves the environment by providing timber jobs. 
  • Education - Free college for all? Sure, it would be reasonable to make an on-line school. Imagine Neil deGrasse Tyson giving a lecture on astrophysics or Elon Musk talking engineering, the possibilities are amazing. The best part is low income Americans wouldn't be forced to borrow in order to improve themselves and we could easily pay for it by ending federal subsidies to "higher" education including tax breaks that allow them the same status as a Church.